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We have been able to put on a number of interesting talks this semester including:
  • Approaching an Intersex Patient (in collaboration with Liverpool University LGBT+ Society) with Magda Rakita and Anick Soni. Many thanks to Katie Taylor, LGBTQ+ rep for co-organising the talk with the LGBT+ soc!
  • The beginning of our Global Health, Climate Change and Infectious Diseases lecture series, we had a talk by Dr Mel Hamilton on Malaria and Dr Al Yeoh on Electives & Beyond: Practising Medicine in a Low Resource Setting. This will continue in the New Year and has been organised by Academic Secretary Alex with alumnus Dr Mel Hamilton!
  • LMSS Intercalation Evening where we had talks from recent intercalators. These included MRes in Clinical Sciences, Tropical Disease Biology MSc at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Translation Medicine MRes, Pharmacology BSc, Masters in International Public Health at LSTM, Medical Law LLM, and Humanitarianism & Conflict Response MA. Thank you very much to our speakers for delivering the talk and Academic Secretary Alex for organising the evening!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and we hope you found them informative and interesting! We're looking forward to hosting more talks in the new year, see you then!