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It is with great excitement that we announce the very first Great LMSS Bake Off! Join us on our very first online fundraising event, a great way to get creative and get out your competitive side!

Are you bored in the house and in the house bored? Do you fancy yourself a baker? Are you on your FOURTH loaf of banana bread?! 🤯What better way to get your sweet fix than taking part in our very first virtual Great LMSS Bake Off!🧑‍🍳🎂 From now until the end of April, send in your amazing homemade creations, whether a novice baker starting a new hobby or a seasoned expert, no experiences are better than ones you get to eat at the end! Votes will be held at the end of April giving you plenty of time to plan, create and submit your bakes. 🤩

For our entrees we just ask for a donation of £3, along with a small contribution from voters who wish to award our budding bakers with the winning prize!🥇
Although we strongly recommend anyone and everyone to take part, we understand it may not be up everyone’s street. Another initiative we’re starting is a coffee-break donation scheme. With all the money we’ve all been saving by staying in isolation, why not buy a coffee for the amazing staff at Claire House or a meal deal for everyone over at Wirral Mind? We’re sure many of you have already tried making your own Dalgona coffees at home and perfected your BLT techniques, our bank accounts are surely glad we’ve realised how much we really save! We all need a treat once in a while, any contribution will never go a miss by our wonderful charities!!! We’d love to keep the donations roughly equal but of course you are welcome to donate to which ever link you would like to!

Check out the Facebook page for more information and inspiration!

Links below for the justgiving pages:
Wirral Mind:
Claire House:
Take care and happy baking! ☕️🥪
Claudia & Sheryl ( Charity Secs 20/21)