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Bullying and harassment of students is rare, but does sometimes occur and it must be reported. You should also report if you ever feel as though another student, member of staff or patient is being subject to this type of behaviour.

Who can you report bullying/harassment to?
  • Your Placement Supervisor (or GP Tutor)
  • Your Hospital Sub-Dean or other clinician who is part of the undergraduate team
  • Academic Advisor at the University
  • Other member of the academic staff (for GP placements this would be a CCT)
  • Health and Wellbeing Department
  • University ALERT Form for Bullying and Harassment

For the 2020/21 Academic Year the Medical School have updated their forms. Previously you would have submitted an ALERT Form to report bullying and harassment concerns to the School; this now been changed to the Sharing Concerns Form. This change has been made to help you, as students, and staff feel comfortable in sharing concerns with the School as well as being a one-stop point to share or find access to information on how to raise a concern.

The Sharing Concerns form aims to give a clear procedure for sharing all concerns. The information you share will help us to maintain a safe learning environment and continually build on our education standards and quality monitoring processes.

Access the form from the Student Intranet here (you will need to log in with your University log in to accesss):

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