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Welcome to the LMSS Welfare and Diversity page. Here you’ll find information on who the Welfare team are, what they do and access to resources and contacts.

  • It can be difficult moving to a new city let alone beginning your study in medical school. This is where our Welfare and Diversity team comes in.
  • We are here to ensure both younger and older students feel supported throughout their time in medical school. This ranges from organising a mentoring scheme, anonymous agony aunt sections in our magazine, Sphincter, and arranging fun events throughout the year.
  • Our aim every year is to ensure the medical student body have the best time over their 5 years in Liverpool. It’s a tough course but there are many friendly faces about to help anyone in need! Of course, we don’t always have all the answers and in that case, we will be able to guide you towards staff in the medical school additionally.
  • If you have any questions, queries or suggestions for how we could improve feel free to contact us at welfare@lmssonline.com

meet the welfare & diversity team

Welfare and Diversity representative 2021-22: Fayo Ibidapo

Hey everyone, I'm Fayo and I am the Welfare and Diversity Representative for 2021/22! A little bit about me: I'm a Leo, I love baking, and I am currently intercalating in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research MSc at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
My role as welfare and diversity rep involves being a welcoming and friendly face for my fellow medical students if they need advice, help, or even just a lil' convo. I will also be working towards creating a safer, more diverse environment in the LMSS for all medical students.
My role also includes planning the first year mentoring programme for new medics entering in September, organising interesting events to encourage intersectionality so we can understand each other better, and promoting well-being and de-stressing!
Feel free to drop me a message at welfare@lmssonline.co.uk :)
Pronouns: She/Her

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Representative 2021-22: Soha Malik

Hey everyone, I'm Soha and I'm very excited to be your BAME rep 21/22 !! I have lots of new ideas to make the LMSS a safe, inclusive and approachable society for EVERY INDIVIDUAL to enjoy :) I'll be going into my fifth year so if you have any questions at all (even if its completely unrelated) please don't hesitate to drop me an email !
I hope you love this city as much as I do (possible bias as I'm a huge Liverpool fc fan) & I look forward to meeting you all xxx

Email: bame@lmssonline.co.uk
Pronouns: She/Her

LGBTQ Representative 2021-22: Lydia Nutting

Hii I’m Lydia and I’m the new LGBTQ+ rep for 2021/22!! I will be going into second year and I’m looking forward to being part of the LMSS committee.

I will be organising some events celebrating the LGBTQ+ community starting off with Pride this month, and I will be working with the other diversity reps to make sure everyone feels part of the medical school.

I’m also planning another approaching LGBTQ+ healthcare conference but in the meantime feel free to message me at lgbtq@lmssonline.co.uk :))xx
Pronouns: She/Her

Women’s Representative 2021-22: Charlotte Lax

Hi there, I’m Charlotte and this year’s Women’s Rep! I’m so excited to be involved in the LMSS and cannot wait to meet you all at some of our amazing events! I will be going into 3rd Year and this year I’m hoping to promote female doctors to access more male-dominated specialities. My role within the LMSS is relatively new, but I am aiming to empower women and our self-confidence within society. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook or email with any ideas or questions you may have during the year, or even just for a chat!
Email: women@lmssonline.co.uk
​​​​​​Pronouns: She/Her


  • When our first years arrive at Liverpool they will be paired up with a second year student to help them settle in and answer any questions or worries.
  • Mentors and mentees have the opportunity to get to know each other at our Mentor-Mentee night as well as through other events the LMSS hosts throughout the year.
  • Second year mentors are around to show new students around campus i.e. where lectures are held as well as being a helping hand in revision season.
  • Mentoring doesn’t just end after your first year! LMSS mentors will be around throughout each student’s years in medical school.


University Resources
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reporting concerns directly to the medical school

As a Student Doctor you may encounter a situation which causes you concern. This may be regarding yourself, another student, a patient or a member of staff. You may be unsure of how and if to raise these concerns. The Medical School has a dedicated section on the Student Intranet for us to report concerns. Access it here: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/intranet/medicine-student/support/alert/

Concerns raised could include those regarding patient safety, student safety, discrimination, harassment, undermining, bullying and urgent placement concerns (this list is not exhaustive and contains an option for “other” concerns).

If you need any help completing the form please speak to us and we will do our best to help.


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